Chartership and beyond…

11 02 2010

Last night I attended a Chartership and beyond event at CILIP as a volunteer of the Career Development Group. I have attended this event as a participant and now me, along with Alex Seymour make sure these events go smoothly. I received good guidance from Alex along with extensive notes on how to run one of these events, so hopefully I’m well versed to organise the next one!

These Chartership and beyond events are cohosted by a Candidate Support Officer from the CDG, on this occasion Franko Kowalczuk, and Michael Martin, qualifications guru from CILIP.

I’m pleased to be involved in helping to organise these events. As I’m going through the chartership process myself I wanted to chip in with my own experiences, but didn’t! What a sausage. I checked with Franko and Michael at the end and they said that would have been fine, so next time…..

Anyway, I was a bit rubbish at talking to people last night, but these events are a great opportunity to meet people looking to develop their careers and so to highlight the relevance of the Career Development Group! Also to share experiences of our careers so far…

All good. Hopefully I’ll be good at helping to organise the next one and feel more confident to contribute more!

Librarian Emma



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