I’m a week late, but better late than never!

2 02 2010

Library day in the life….. blogging what I get up to this week.  I know everyone else was doing this last week, but due to various reasons I really didn’t feel like doing it last week, so I’m doing it this week instead!

Monday 1st February

Ah, a new month, where did January go? Well, welcome to February and this month we have the first ever promotional week for our Information Services department (IS for You Week).  I’ll be doing a lot of prep for this this week I think.  This morning I walked to work instead of cycling as Mr I was going to be giving my bike a bit of TLC and trying to get a bit of rust off…

I thought I may be doing my first interview this afternoon for IS for You Week so I was getting to grips with the flashy recording equipment the guys at BURST radio sent over to us last week.  I know how to record and delete now, so that’s a start.  So I chatted to myself for a bit (my colleague wasn’t in the office) and got the hang of it.  Sadly the afternoon meeting didn’t happen, but tomorrow I’m recording someone else so at least I know what I’m doing.  Think I want to change my voice though, maybe I’ll make it go up and down a bit more to try and sound a bit more interesting! Maybe I’ll take some advice from here.

so then it was on to the enquiry desk from 10.45-1, and one of the first enquiries was a tricky one.  A nice Canadian student wanted to find information about cash registers between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and it really made me think! She’d already done a bit of Googling, and she was expecting recommendations of sources she didn’t know about, so as I was thinking started browsing the list of online resources we have and when she spotted the 19th Century newspapers databasewe had a look there and found a few references to early models of tills.  A few months ago my husbnad mentioned a resource he’d looked at in class and I remembered it was about museum collections, so we took a look at Cornucopia and the student was really pleased to find a listing of museum collections as she didn’t know how to find such a list before (thank you again Mr I!).   Even after the student went I kept looking for resources as I was sure there must be more out there…manged to spot a few more links I could email her.

Lunchtime was a cakey affair, I was given a very delicious homemade lemon cupcake, and I also sampled some of the cakes brought in my a colleague celebrating her birthday (the cappucino swiss roll was my favourite).

At 2pm I had a meeting with a member of academic staff who had some new module outlines, so I can use these to check the texts we have in the library and order more books if needed.  We also discussed the upcoming course review as the Information Advisers send in a report of how we have supported the courses over the last year, so we just need to tweak last year’s report as the basic information is similar, just the stats need to be updated.

After that I ordered a few books, checked over some of the module outlines, added some resources to the VLE and then prepared to head up to London for the Career Development Group Presidential Resception! This was to celebrate the new President Jon Scown taking over from Maria Cotera.  It was held at the British Library, and as I walked in I was delighted to meet Ned Potter (AKA the Wikiman) for the first time in real life, having only ever conversed on Twitter/email/via blogs before now.  Next I met Jo Alcock and Katie Hill, and I’d read Jo’s blog for a couple of year, and chatted virtually a few times so again it was great to meet her in real life!  It was a nice evening full of chat and I was glad I went.  Librarian Emma and Chris Rhodes did a good job welcoming us as we arrived, and it was very nice to have some friendly and familiar faces there as it can sometimes be a bit daunting arriving at something like that on your own.  I was impressed by all the bling there was, medals and shiny badgegs everywhere! I didn’t know that past presidents all had nice gold brooches/badges, and the current president has a lovely medal on a red ribbon!  Biddy Fisher (President of CILIP) was there too, and she had a nice silver medal, it was quite heavy actually.   Jon mentioned in his speech that his colleagues said he should wear his medal to meetings, good idea I think!!

Well, I headed home at about 8.15, took a bus back to Victoria as I only had enough for bus and not the tube on my Oyster card! Good journey home, munched on some cheese sandwiches and a posk pie from M&S as I was a bit hungry.  The mini quiche and a cheese straw didn’t quite keep me going at the reception, I was too busy chatting mostly to eat much! Librarian Emma took photos so watch out for those on one of her next posts.

Librarian Sarah